We have Winter Pressures Funding for Mental Health Services and Interventions in Wolverhampton through the Black Country Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust.

We are seeking a small number of partners to add capacity and deliver services between November 2022 and February 2023 as follows:

Short-Term Counselling Provision
Provision of 1-1 short-term counselling to those deemed to be at high risk or currently on the NHS Mental Health waiting list. Referrals can be made via Social Prescribing and a counsellor will be allocated for either a one-off emergency session or a short-term programme of up to 6 sessions per client. Direct referrals from health and social care workers to front-line providers will also be accepted. A range of counselling provision can be provided, including, for example, bereavement. Counsellors must be qualified at NVQ Level 4 or equivalent and registered with the BACP as a minimum.

This makes up approximately 75% of the funding.

Cost of Living Support Service
Provision of a Cost of Living Support Service to vulnerable people either on waiting lists for mental health provision and / or requiring support to aid recovery and requiring assistance. The Cost of Living Support Service, providing group and/or individual support, can include, for example, financial assessment; income maximisation; cost of living payments, energy grants, budget planning, benefits advice and guidance and practical tips and information to save money. This can also include providing advice, support and activities regarding healthy eating and preparing economically nutritious meals e.g. basic cooking and simple budgeting etc.

This makes up approximately 25% of the funding.

Contracts will run over the period from November 2022 to February 2023. 

The following applies:

  • Counsellors must be qualified at NVQ Level 4 or equivalent and registered with the BACP as a minimum
  • Clients will be offered up to 6 sessions – additional sessions can be given at the discretion of the counsellor – additional sessions must be funded from within the provider’s funding allocation
  • Given the short-term nature of the provision, clients who do not turn up to sessions will not be paid for
  • Providers are required to complete monitoring information via a live google monitoring document for each client
  • In addition to referrals from Social Prescribing, referrals can also come from Health and Social Care partners
  • 50% of the funding will be released in advance and 50% will be released on completion of half of the provision

There are limited funds over a short time period, therefore, please keep your costs as reasonable as you can and make your bid cost-effective.

If you are interested, please submit an expression of interest as soon as possible describing the service offered with hours and costs over the period.

Regarding the Cost of Living Support Service, please submit costs for group support and/or individual support.

Please contact Sharon Nanan-Sen at sharon.nanan-sen@wvca.org.uk or 01902 773 761 to submit an EOI or with any questions you may have.

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