Good causes of all shapes and sizes are being encouraged to attend the virtual launch event of Wolverhampton Community Lottery for their chance to get a slice of the ticket proceeds.

Wolverhampton Voluntary & Community Action is excited to announce the launch of Wolverhampton Community Lottery, an exciting new fundraising initiative for good causes. The lottery will be a great way for people to support good causes whilst having fun, and getting the chance to win cash prizes!

A generous 60% of the ticket proceeds from Wolverhampton Community Lottery will go to charities, voluntary organisations and other not-for-profit groups, with the remainder being put towards prizes, operating costs and VAT.

If you are involved with a good cause in Wolverhampton register now to join us at the Good Cause Launch Event on Tuesday 4th April at 3pm and find out more about this exciting new fundraising initiative.

> Register for the Good Causes launch at Eventbrite

Ian Darch, CEO of Wolverhampton Voluntary & Community Action (the lottery promoter) said: “The money raised by Wolverhampton Community Lottery is going to make a lot of difference to grassroots good causes. We’d encourage all charities and community groups to come to the Good Cause Launch Event and start fundraising with our lottery. It’s easy and free!”

Following the event, tickets for Wolverhampton Community Lottery will go on sale via on Tuesday 25th April 2023.

Leading lottery management company, Gatherwell, has been appointed by Wolverhampton Voluntary & Community Action to operate the lottery, having successfully launched similar lotteries throughout the UK.

Nigel Atkinson, Gatherwell’s General Manager, said: “We are delighted that Gatherwell has been awarded the opportunity to deliver Wolverhampton Community Lottery. We’re looking forward to working with Wolverhampton Voluntary & Community Action to raise funds for many amazing good causes”


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