Start-up social enterprises are being encouraged to apply for grants of up to £10,000 to assist their development as part of the Social Enterprise Boost Fund West Midlands. 

The Fund is a UK Government funded project for social enterprises in six local places in England.

The objectives of the Social Enterprise Boost Fund are, by March 2025, to:

  • Grow the social enterprise sector in targeted areas, by supporting the creation of new social enterprises and boosting early-stage organisations.
  • Enable targeted high-deprivation local authorities and the local voluntary and community sector in these places to implement sustainable systems and processes that encourage social enterprise growth.
  • Build and disseminate evidence on:
    • scalable and sustainable place-based interventions that work in growing the social enterprise sector in disadvantaged areas; and
    • the extent to which and how social enterprises support communities and economies in disadvantaged areas

Alongside this grant program the project offers a range of support comprising of two modular programmes:

  • the first, FUSE, is a 12-week intensive support programme for social enterprise (SE) start-ups.
  • the second, SE MOT, is a 4-week programme of support for early-stage SEs wishing to develop and grow.

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