WVCA is on WhatsApp!

We have launched a dedicated WhatsApp Channel to send you the latest updates directly on WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Channels are pretty new – here’s what you need to know about them:

🥸 No one in the Channel can see your details or phone number (including us)

➡️ Channels are one-way: so only we can post in here, so no spam, and no never-ending discussion, unlike group chats!

📣 We’ll send you select updates on news, funding, jobs and more from the VCSE sector

🔍 You can find Channels you’re part of under the ‘Updates’ tab in WhatsApp

Here’s how to follow the ‘WVCA Updates’ channel:

1. Visit this link on your phone.

2. Tap Follow, then tap the bell 🔕 to turn Channel notifications on – and you’ll get a WhatsApp message each time we post.

⚠️ Channels is a new feature and may not be available to you yet – if so you’ll be given the option to receive a notification when it’s available.

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