Our Your People’s Social Prescribing Service aims to empower young people in Wolverhampton to improve their health & well-being through a variety of approaches.

Here’s a recap of what the team got up to over the past 12 months:

Drop-in service
YPSP have been holding a regular drop-in service for the young refugees and migrants housed within both the Britannia and Goldthorn hotels since March ‘23, where we support YP’s 13-17 and link them to activities, groups and services that benefit their health and emotional wellbeing, including The Way Youth Zone who allow them to access their provision free of charge, removing that barrier.

Children’s Mental Health Week
As part of Children’s Mental Health Week, we attended Heath Park School to strengthen our relationship with the school and students by promoting YPSP services.

Community Football Match
YPSP work with Young People who are classified as seeking asylum. A lot of the boys have remarkable football skills and were delighted to take the opportunity to take part in a friendly football match with the local GBK Pathfinder youth club members. The activity was organised to promote social inclusion, widen social networks and for the young people to show off their impressive football skills.

Cycling with No limits to Health
YPSP and No Limits To Health Cycling Project collaborated to provide a cycling activity for our young people who are placed in one of our Wolverhampton hotels. Apart from school, this cohort of young people, have very limited opportunities to engage in outdoor organised events. The young people were taken on an hour cycling around the North East region of the city, then treated to a meal at Bentley Bridge.

St John Ambulance Young Responders
YPSP collaborated with St. John Ambulance to facilitate the Young Responders program. We had 2 cohorts of young people from YPSP and the Goldthorn Hotel. The program focused on physical first aid and how you could help someone in need. Learning skills such as how to treat, a choking person, bleeds and perform CPR through practical demonstrations. The sessions were very informative and received well by the young people involved.

Health & Wellbeing Programme
The program commenced in June, and offered wellbeing activities, with a focus on asthma and long-term health conditions. The young people who attended formed positive friendships beyond the program. One young person accessed her GP in relation to managing her asthma more effectively. Another young person’s feedback stated, “it has helped me understand some stuff, around my physical health and my well-being”.

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