Photo: Sue Woolnoughholt and David Diaram from Wolverhampton Volunteers.


Here’s our January update from Wolverhampton Volunteers.

As we enter into 2024, we are greatly encouraged by the amount of interest from people looking to volunteer.

Since the beginning of the year, we have had 97 registrations from individuals enquiring about volunteering. This demonstrates there is still a great appetite from people to volunteer and the benefits volunteering can offer.

Anyone interested in volunteering can book an appointment to see us or just chat on 01902 328980 or visit our website And of course, we offer online appointments via MS Teams or Zoom.

Many new organisations have registered with us and have benefited from attending our VIO (Volunteer Involving Organisations) Network meetings. We had a great attendance for our January one with the next one being April 16th 10am till 12pm. Be great to see you there, if you would like to attend, drop me an email to get on our mailing list or to chat more about it. We are always happy to help if your organisation needs support with volunteering policies & procedures as well as help with marketing your volunteering offer in a competitive environment.

We have training and many events planned for the year and kick off 2024 with a Volunteer Fair at University of Wolverhampton February 15th, your welcome to pop by and say hi to Dave and Sue.

Again, make sure you are registered with us for when we have dates for our Volunteer Expo and Volunteer fairs.

Last year with funding from the Heart of England ‘Know Your Neighbourhood’ fund, we launched our ‘Wolverhampton Engage & Connect’ initiative. This is to encourage more people into volunteering as well as help alleviate loneliness and social isolation. David Diaram our new Outreach and Development Officer has been doing some fantastic work and has so far exceeded expectations.

Let’s make 2024 a year we put volunteering back on the map!


Pete Emms: Project Coordinator

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