Here’s our latest update from Wolverhampton Volunteers.

March and April. What a busy time for us and I’m sure many other organisations! Finalising budgets, reports and monitoring, not enough hours in the day it seems!

Apart from that, great to see many new organisations registering with us that all need to recruit volunteers. We have been spending a lot of time sitting down with organisations and helping with their volunteer recruitment by helping with their marketing and development, along with quite a few updates around policies & procedures. If your organisation needs any help with this, you can always contact us at

We had a great turnout for our April VIO (Volunteer Involving Organisations) Network meeting where we had a in depth look at NSCO’s ‘The Road Ahead in 2024, Challenges to Volunteering’ that generated some discussion. Date for next VIO Network Meeting 17th July 10am till 12pm.

We are currently helping recruit volunteers for the Wolverhampton Arts Festival 6th to 7th July. Get in touch with us if you want to know more or visit their website:

Following on from 2023, The Big Help Out is back! 7th – 9th June 2024. This provides people who have never volunteered before a chance to help out in their local communities. For more information visit:

David our Outreach and Development Officer for our The Wolverhampton Engage & Connect project has run many sessions from flower arranging to rock climbing! Lots of people who would ordinarily be sat at home on their own have benefited from attending these sessions.

David has also been able to provide some laptops to WEC participant’s helping to overcome the ‘digital divide’.

If you’re interested in reducing social isolation in Wolverhampton, get in touch:

Don’t forget to save date for National Volunteers week 1st to 7th June where we will be looking at organising events and celebrations for 5th of June for organisations.


Pete Emms: Project Coordinator

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