FREE two-day Restorative Practice Course

  • This FREE two-day Restorative Practice Course take place at the Civic Centre.
  • Dates for multiple courses are listed below.
  • The course is available to practitioners working alongside children, young people and families in Wolverhampton.
  • The course is being delivered as part of the Families First for Children Pathfinder in Wolverhampton.
  • Staff from voluntary, community and faith organisations are strongly encouraged to apply.

More details

Restorative Practice is a strengths-based model in working with children and families, a relational and solution focused approach which encourages high aspirations and high expectations to achieve good outcomes for children.

It is an approach that fully incorporates the values, principles and behaviours developed for all Education, Social Care, Police, Health, Housing and Voluntary Sector employees in Wolverhampton. It embodies a set of core beliefs, principles, and a way of being with people that proactively promotes building effective professional relationships and a sense of community. It creates a common language and a common approach to working with children, young people and families.

Restorative practices range from formal to informal processes that enable practitioners, managers, children, young people and their families to communicate effectively.

The processes used, focus on removing barriers, and proactively promoting a sense of community, understanding, social responsibility and shared accountability.

Available Dates

May: 8th and 9th / 20th and 21st / 22nd and 23rd

June: 4th and 5th / 6th and 7th

July: 8th and 9th / 10th and 11th / 15th and 16th / 17th and 18th / 22nd and 23rd / 24th and 25th / 29th and 30th

How to book

Please email with the participant’s name, email address and the two days they would like to attend.

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