Registered charities only can apply for discretionary funding for charitable work that supports the Foundation’s current priorities, which include:

• Amateur sport – to improve physical and mental health with a focus on sport provision for people with disabilities,

• Elderly people – to allow quality care for those who cannot afford private care or continue living at home,

• People with terminal illness/life limiting conditions and their carers – to provide hospice care to support individuals and give respite to their carers to assist them with their mental health and other ambitions,

• Care leavers – to give them a chance to succeed on a par with other young people,

• Victims of domestic abuse – to provide emergency safety and to support victims through associated poverty and mental health issues,

• Drug and substance misuse – to support rehabilitation and the journey back to independent living and work,

• Ex-offenders and their families – to support the ex-offenders back to work and contributing positively to society and to support their families whose lives can be +severely impacted,

• Homeless – to provide facilities for and support people, especially young people, on their journey back to independent living, better mental health, and employment,

• People with intellectual disability – to provide support for personal care, job skills, and supported living,

• Medical research – to support research that could lead to preventing or slowing the onset of a condition or to lessen the symptoms where the charity is a member of the Association of Medical Research Charities (AMRC),

• Worship and associated community outreach – to ensure places of worship are energy efficient and watertight, with an emphasis on wider community use of church halls or church buildings where those buildings are redundant or too large and where the parish has a focus on non-conditional outward facing work,

• Victims of modern slavery – to provide facilities for and support to victims on their journey back to independent living, better mental health, and employment.

To find out how to apply contact the Albert Gubay Charitable Foundation –

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