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St Peter’s Physical Activity Project

St. Peter’s Physical Activity Project small grants programme

The St. Peter’s Physical Activity Project aims to increase levels of physical activity amongst children, parents and carers and the wider community within the St. Peter’s Ward of Wolverhampton.

In the first stage of the project, Green Square Accord, working with TLC College, were appointed to consult with and then co-produce a set of priorities and activities that it was felt will increase levels of physical activity among children and their families in the ward. The focus of the work has been children aged 9-11 years old and their parents / carers.

The resulting report reflects the views, feelings, concerns, and priorities of young people in particular but also their parents and carers, the wider community and the schools that have engaged in this work. It provides a range of potential activities that we are now seeking to provide.

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The Headlines

We are looking for partners to deliver activities in line with the co-produced findings. The report (which is available to download below) provides more detail and should help to steer proposals but by way of headlines we are looking to deliver some of the following:

Mixed Sessions
• Supervised drop-in sampler sessions with a focus on skills and informal games during weekday evenings and/or during school holidays. With a mix of different activities taking place at the same time in the same venue so children can get a feel of each activity

• After school football groups with a focus on children who would like to play but are not part of any existing teams
• After school, girls only groups to encourage those who are not so confident and find playing alongside boys too physical.
• Supervised drop-in football sessions focusing on skills and informal games on weekday evenings and/or during school holidays with inclusivity in mind.

• Weekday evening or possibly weekend girls only and boys only sessions with transport available.

• Dance classes available to children at a school setting during lunchtimes, playtimes, or after school with a topic in mind (Tik Tok dance, Just Dance, flash mob)

Multi-Sports / Ball Games
• Playtime, lunchtime or after school lessons in tennis, cricket, table tennis, volleyball, netball, dodgeball, and basketball
• Weekends or evening sessions with a mixture of joint activities so children can experience different activities and not get bored of always doing the same one. Dodgeball, basketball, and table tennis being the most popular.

• A walking challenge / activity which involves exploring new areas and gaining rewards that encourages people to explore and visit unfamiliar places in their area.

• After school gymnastics club with fun the most important message, along with learning new skills
• Gymnastics sessions for a range of skill levels that take place after school or during the school holidays. Offering progress charts so children can see their development.

*Ice Skating
• After school or weekend sessions, possibly starting with rollerblades as a way to learn how to skate / learn balancing skills leading up to ice skating.

*The report also outlines that these activities, while less popular would still generate demand.

*Bowling (bowls)
• Sessions offered in a school setting with the opportunity for school teams with inter-school competitions. This was an activity that could be played indoors or outdoors at lunchtimes.

*The report also outlines that these activities, while less popular would still generate demand.

The Opportunity

This is an opportunity that may be of particular interest to grassroots community groups and organisations with experience of organising and running physical activity sessions in line with the activities and priorities outlined in the report. Activities must take place in or in or in the surrounding areas of the St Peters ward.

The deadline for proposals and applications is 15th August 2023 You will know the outcome of your proposal by 11th September 2023. Activities must be completed within 12 months of receiving funding. You can apply for staff time, equipment, or resources involved in delivering the proposed activities. We can provide funding for applications of up to a maximum of £10,000 in value.

If successful you will be offered a simple contract which will include the activities to be delivered, the agreed cost, payment schedule and monitoring/reporting requirements.

Returning this Application

All applications will be considered based on:

The quality and value for money, including its impact and how well…

It meets the expressed preferences laid out in the report 60%
Your/your organisation’s experience 20%
Other issues such as safety and marketing 20%
 Please ensure that all completed applications are returned to: applications@wvca.org.uk.

For more info on the St Peter’s Physical Activity Project contact

Gurpreet Sahota on gurpreet.sahota@wvca.org.uk

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